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Duncan's message regarding the Ghana national team

28 May 2022

We have received the following message from Alfred Duncan regarding his national team:

The time has come to bid farewell to the national team.

I’m gutted because I wanted to write a piece of history with Ghana but they never gave me the chance to prove myself.

When you’re never taken into consideration and there’s nothing you can do to change the situation it becomes increasingly mentally taxing. I’ve been humiliated, discriminated against and left out in the cold for years even though I’ve always been available. I can’t go on feeling bad thinking about how I’ve been treated unfairly, knowing my conscience is clear. 

Until a few years ago there was no other Ghanaian player that had performed as well as me and had played so many games in such a prestigious league, yet I’ve never been considered for the national team. I recently turned down some call-ups because I find it insulting that I’m called up just out of convenience; my feelings as a human being who makes sacrifices in his work simply aren’t taken into account.

Six years ago when I was playing for Sassuolo I suffered the psychological trauma of travelling 15 hours to go to Washington for a friendly against Canada and then not even playing a single minute; what’s more, I was the only player not to get any game time. It was a very difficult period for me and my family but thanks to my loved ones and the support of a psychologist I was able to overcome this as well. 

I went through a torrid time because of the national team but I overcame everything by myself and went on my way. I found peace and happiness without thinking about being called up for the national team; I just focused on giving the best to those who support me, who consider me an important player and who value me. It’s incredible that a player like me who’s done so much and has been playing in Serie A for 11 years has only been capped nine times. It’s crazy and there’s no logical reason for it. I don’t accept being called up just because the football association has been pressured by fans and not because they recognise my value and what I can give to the national team.

The president of the Ghanaian FA, James Kwesi Appiah, Avram Grant, and Charles Akonnor know perfectly well where I’m coming from and how they treated me. I don’t deserve everything they put me through and for this reason I’m putting an end to a story that never really began. I want to have the peace and serenity that I deserve and to be able to continue playing for Fiorentina, the team that I value and who respect me for who I am and the passion I put into my daily work. Thank you!


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