What is Fiorentina School?

Fiorentina School is a sports-oriented scientific lyceum based in Florence, set up in September 2013 as a joint venture between ACF Fiorentina and the Istituto dei Padri Scolopi in Florence.

Fiorentina School is organised in such a way so as to enable youngsters involved in sports activities to obtain a school-leaving certificate while combining their studies with their sporting commitments and free-time activities.

This ambitious objective is achieved thanks to the educational expertise of the Scuole Pie Fiorentine and ACF Fiorentina’s sporting values.

Scuole Pie Fiorentine 

The Scuole Pie network represents educational excellence in Italy. Giovanni Pascoli, Bettino Ricasoli, Giosue Carducci and Carlo Collodi are just some of the illustrious alumni to have come through the network of schools, founded by Joseph Calasanz.

The schools combine their rich traditions with an unerring focus on innovative teaching methods whose aim is to introduce young people to culture.

This approach formed the basis for the ambitious Fiorentina School project, which places individual students at their heart of the educational process and provides them with constant support as they grow culturally and as human beings. For more information, see www.scuolepiefiorentine.it.

ACF Fiorentina

ACF Fiorentina is passionate about educating young players as both footballers and human beings.

Key sporting values such as determination, commitment, discipline, courage, respect, honesty, loyalty, friendship and sportsmanship are just as important in daily life, and so Fiorentina works hard to impart these to its youth academy players.

Thanks to Fiorentina School, this approach now goes beyond the confines of the youth academy, helping to secure the futures of all young people who wish to work in the world of sport.


The Scuole Pie Fiorentine and ACF Fiorentina are united in the pursuit of one sole objective: providing students with comprehensive preparation through a syllabus that combines academic education with unique opportunities designed to develop skills suitable for the world of sport.

Both organisations draw on their experience to create an integrated system which provides young people with the best possible academic and sporting preparation, leaving them free to choose whether to pursue careers as sportspeople, move into professions associated with the world of sports or go on to university.

The study plan

Subject1st and 2nd years3rd, 4th and 5th years
Religious studies11
Natural sciences33
Sports law/economics-3
Total hours2730

Monday to Friday: 8:15 to 13:10/14:00

For more information:  http://www.scuolepiefiorentine.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/LICEO-SC.SPORTIVO1.pdf

Students can opt to focus on their favourite sports while at the same time getting to know a range of disciplines. This means that students who already play certain sports to a high level can further hone their skills, as well as giving less sporty students the chance to try their hand at a range of different activities.


During the year, a wide range of additional curricular and extra-curricular activities are offered.

  • Optional afterschool club with qualified teachers
  • Catch-up and booster courses with teachers from the school in the afternoons
  • Work experience
  • Psychologist-led debates on problems associated with growing up and adolescence
  • Projects and conferences on a wide range of subjects across history, literature, science, languages and art
  • Cambridge exams, preparation for international certifications
  • Double Italian and American diplomas, enabling students to go to university in the USA, in collaboration with Accademica
  • Chinese language and culture courses, in collaboration with the Confucius Institute 
  • University preparation
  • Specialist conferences with university professors focusing on state exams
  • Sports competitions held during the academic year
  • Collaborations with sports associations such as athletics, table tennis, sailing etc.
  • School trips in Italy and abroad
  • Study trips abroad
  • Ski trips
  • Family meetings with the school, individual meetings
  • Religious education activities
  • Local initiatives (Teatro della Pergola, Teatro Puccini)
  • Christmas party, end-of-year party


Below are some of the facilities available to students:

  • IT lab
  • Multimedia lab
  • Audiovisual room
  • Language lab
  • Chemistry lab with equipment for experiments
  • Physics lab
  • Interactive whiteboard room
  • Library with 60,000 books
  • Various sports facilities



Tel. +39 338 3214924

Email: info@fiorentinaschool.it

Via Lamarmora, 35 – 50121 – FLORENCE
055 / 587724  Fax: 055 / 575245

Admin office opening hours:
Mon to Fri: 7:30-16:30
Sat: 8:00-13:00

Front desk opening hours:
Mon to Fri: 7:00-19:30
Sat: 7:30-19:00

For more information, visit: www.scuolepiefiorentine.com

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