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Rocco Commisso reflects on season

23 May 2022

On Tuesday, President Rocco Commisso spoke to the press about Fiorentina’s impressive season and looked ahead to what the club can enjoy in the coming years. With the team securing their spot in the UEFA Conference League next season and improving dramatically on the previous year, as well as the development of the stadium and Viola Park to look forward to, there is a lot for them to celebrate right now.

Commisso was quick to hail Fiorentina’s substantial progress this year.

“We’ve gone from sixteenth to seventh place. Only Milan, Napoli and Roma got more points than last season. Many clubs have got a lot fewer than last year. Fiorentina added 22 points to their tally from 12 months ago. No other side has managed to do that.”

Although at some stage it looked like Fiorentina could have finished even higher in the league, the president shared his satisfaction with the team's performance.

“The Champions League will always be the dream. We could have done better but also worse, so we’ve done well. Atalanta have done great work and they took five years to get into the top half. In three years, we’ve made it to seventh.”

Commisso is also pleased with Vincenzo Italiano’s contribution.

“I always send him my congratulations and I’m very happy with him. I hope he’ll stay.”

With plans for a new stadium under way, the president emphasised its importance as the side look to reach the next level.

“The stadium project is crucial; everyone’s talking about it because it’s profitable and can increase revenue. If you look at the other clubs, Milan has a revenue of €200 million, Napoli €174 million, Lazio €155 million, Roma €190 million, Atalanta €152 million. Ours is about €80 million. All the teams above us have a much higher spending limit than we do. As I said three years ago, you can’t buy players without revenue.”

Finally, discussion turned to the development of Viola Park.

“We started off with a budget of €60/70 million, which then increased to €80 million, then €90 million. The cost is now €100 million. This has been a huge undertaking for Fiorentina. I want to thank the majority of Fiorentina fans who always support us.”

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