Maleh unveiled as a new Fiorentina player

19 July 2021

New Fiorentina midfielder Youssef Maleh is presented to press and fans. 

BARONE - "Valentino Angeloni, our Head of Youth Sector was at Venezia previously, and he knew him. We followed him, and now he's here next to me. Welcome to Fiorentina, Youssef!"

MALEH - I want to thank Fiorentina for this opportunity, and I'll do my best to repay the club. I don't have a specific idol - I try to learn and take something from every midfielder and improve under every aspect. There's a lot I need to improve on. I grew up in Italy, am fully Italian even if my parents are Moroccan." 

"I have played in many different positions, as requested by the coach, to learn, since I'm young. Dionisi and Zanetti have helped me develop. My favourite position, though, is that of mezzala. Now I'm learning from coach Italiano, and I'm lucky because currently the system is 4-3-3, but I wouldn't have a problem in other positions either."

"Having the fans here is great, they are giving us their passion. "My aim, as always, is to improve every day, to give my all."

"I am learning from the other midfielders, like Jack Bonaventura and the others. I am impressed by Vlahovic's hunger - he never stops, despite the great season he had."

"There is great enthusiasm here, we're learning from the coach and day by day we'll take it to the pitch."

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