Biraghi signs new deal

27 October 2020

Wing-back Cristiano Biraghi has signed a new deal with Fiorentina, that will run until 2024. 

The defender, who returned from Inter in the summer, is pleased to announce his contract renewal and believes this is the best Fiorentina side he has ever played in.

ON THE CURRENT SIDE - "I am convinced that this Fiorentina team is the strongest team I have played with. We are a complete team from all points of view." 

ON HIS EXPERIENCE AT INTER -  "I think [Antonio Conte] is one of the best and most prepared coaches in world football. Playing at certain levels raises the general ability of individuals."

ON RETURNING TO FIORENTINA - "When I still had to finish last season I was contacted by the coach and the club here, making me feel that they wanted me to return to Florence. There was also desire on my part to return to Florence."

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